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A podcast (mostly) about Disney, Walt Disney World, Disneyland and anything Mickey Mouse, news, history, tips, and we sometimes nerd out on anything--tech, photography, cars, books, music, etc. Join the fun!
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Oct 27, 2016
Oct 22, 2016
Oct 13, 2016
  • Follow Up - Last running of the MSEP on 10/9
    • Remembering WDW’s version vs. DL’s version
    • No nighttime parade at WDW now
  • Robin Hood - the Disney animated feature
    • Glenn hasn’t watched it in a long time
    • Glenn and family watched Alice in Wonderland last weekend - woof!
    • Robin Hood has a big place in Chris’ heart
      • He used to listen to the LP when he was a kid
      • The music was classic
  • Hurricane Matthew
  • Promotion: [Red Cross](
  • Refresh of Tomorrowland
    • New paint color on the rocks at the entrance
    • New paint and design on Carousel of Progress
    • New LED lighting on Space Mountain
    • New sign at Carousel of Progress
    • Glenn wants to go and photograph
    • Tomorrowland background music
  • Sponsor message
  • Book review - [“Bloodline - Star Wars”]( by Claudia Gray
  • Episodes 1-5 of Terrific Recordings of Nothing are now posted for download
Oct 10, 2016
  • Recorded 10/2/16
  • Disney Emoji Blitz
    • Chris discovered it and is trying to catch up to Glenn
    • What characters do we have?
  • Happy 45th Birthday to Walt Disney World!
    • Giveaways: guide map and button
      • Guide map book is being released on 10/18
      • Review the book after it comes out
      • Our love of maps
    • Castle show
    • Merchandise for sale
    • Celebrations for the 10th, 15th, 20th, and 25th were big; the rest have just been merchandise release
    • Hoping the 50th is a huge blowout
    • The Disney fan community seems to be celebrating it more than Disney is
    • Remembering Epcot’s 25th celebration display in Innoventions
    • One Man’s Dream has less and less
  • Disney has disabled the MagicBand interactivity
  • Stitch’s Great Escape to operate seasonally
  • Chris’ life has become the final scene in “Carousel of Progress"
    • Home automation
    • Learning from TV/YouTube
    • Final scene needs to be updated, since it’s current now
    • It would be nice to have it completely redone by doing every 50 years (1900s, 1950s, 2000s, 2050s)
    • Or replace it with the original from the ’64/’65 World’s Fair
    • We can’t talk about the CoP, or they’ll just close it
    • “That guy” that’s our hero at Disney and is keeping it open
    • Other plans for the CoP
  • Disney Emoji Blitz. Again. (Sorry about this.)
    • With iOS 10, you can have them as stickers
    • Buying character emojis
    • The game has so many “gotchas"
    • The reason we had no agenda for this podcast. Sorry again, everyone.
Oct 10, 2016
  • Recorded 9/14/16
  • What’s on Glenn’s desk
  • Chris is feeling like a cold is coming on
    • The “benefits” of Airborne
  • Chris had pizza for dinner
  • Disney’s “gumbo” recipe
    • No kale in gumbo!!!
    • #gumbostrong
    • Thanks for nothing, Tiana
    • The complicated story of “Princess and the Frog” that Chris can’t figure out
    • Note for future episode: a reading of the “Little Golden Book” by Chris
  • Epcot Food and Wine Festival started
    • A few people attend
    • Annual Passholder exclusive glass
    • Merchandise
    • Listening to the bands
    • Early F&W Fest memories (ahh…the good ‘ole days)
    • More band talk
      • Christopher Cross
      • Muskrat Love
    • We’re old
    • Way off track: talk about The Beatles
    • But, we bring it back to talk about the Beatles tribute band in Epcot
  • Halloween at WDW & Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party
    • 2005 was the last time Glenn attended
    • First ride for Glenn’s daughter. With Vanilla Ice.
    • Comparison of MNSSHP and MVMCP
    • Variable pricing
    • Attendance
    • Chris is thinking about going to MNSSHP
    • “Nightmare Before Christmas” - the kids love it
    • Glenn should come down for MNSSHP
  • Mardi Gras
    • Chris needs to visit
  • Aftershow
    • OS10 notifications
    • iPhone vs Android
    • Glenn’s going to send Chris his heartbeat
    • Mario Run
    • Stickers in iMessage!!!
    • Chris is Debbie Downer
    • Google +
    • Glenn is looking forward to seeing Designated Survivor on ABC
    • Hello Kitty Jewel Town!
    • Disney Emoji Blitz
Oct 10, 2016
  • Recorded 9/7/16
  • Chris’ visit to MK for his last Main Street Electrical Parade viewing with the family
    • Shortcut to MK from Chris’ house
    • Very crowded…according to Chris
      • Discussion of planning a Disney vacation and all the trials and tribulations
    • Found place to watch parade in Liberty Square
    • Moved to Main Street for Wishes
    • Frustration
      • Crowd control after the parade
    • Leaving park - choice of monorail or ferry
    • More talk about the crowds
    • How did Chris’ son like the parade?
      • He enjoyed it during the parade
    • How did Chris like the parade?
      • He likes it, but hates the music (how is this possible???)
      • The recording is different from the original
    • Timeline of MSEP
    • A row of lights at the Contemporary were out
      • More talk about lights
  • Glenn’s decision to work in the resorts during the WDWCP
  • Birthday button!
  • It’ll be a while before Chris heads back to the MK
  • Plug for Passport to Dreams ( and the latest post about Columbia Harbour House (
Oct 10, 2016

Discussion of Disney Hollywood Studios changes at Walt Disney World, Disney Vacation Club rumors, Main Street Electrical Parade leaving, and some Apple event stuff